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Shane Mosley on Andre Ward as P4P Best, Dawson Fight, Possible Return to the Ring

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Shane Mosley, who retired in early June following a May loss to Canelo Alvarez, discusses Andre Ward's win over Chad Dawson, as well as his own possible return to the sport. For more on Mosley, check out our career retrospective from earlier this year.

Marcos Villegas, The Boxing Channel: "We just saw Andre Ward dominate Chad Dawson. You were sitting there ringside, what'd you feel about Andre's performance tonight?"

Shane Mosley: "I think Andre did a spectacular job. He looked tremendous. One of the best fighters right now out there. He had it all. He boxed, he fought, he moved -- he did everything in there. Andre Ward is, in my opinion, like, one of the best fighters out there right now."

Villegas: "Coming into this bout, did you feel that it wouldn't be as dominant -- the way it went, did you feel that maybe coming in that Chad, it might go 50-50, that there was a big chance that Chad could win?"

Mosley: "I had the opportunity to be in Andre Ward's camp a little bit, and see a little bit of what was going on, how the training was going with Virgil (Hunter) and what they were doing. Looking at that, and looking at his mind state, and how he went about this fight, it just seemed to me that Andre Ward was gonna do what he was gonna do. I wouldn't say 50-50, more like I knew Andre Ward was gonna win the fight, like 75%, at least. Just look at the mind state of both. I didn't think it was gonna be that bad, but I thought Andre would win."

Villegas: "If you could elaborate on that a little bit, the mindset, tell me what was the mindset of Andre Ward? And what did you see in him mentally coming into the fight?"

Mosley: "Andre Ward was very focused. He was just very focused and he knew what he wanted to do. He knew what punches he wanted to throw, how he wanted to throw them, he knew how he wanted to move, how he wanted to attack. His mind state was very confident, focused, and you knew that he was gonna -- he worked hard and did what it takes to win this fight."

Villegas: "In your opinion, how long do you think it will be until people start saying, Andre Ward, number one fighter in the world, pound-for-pound."

Mosley: "I think when the writers and stuff start mentioning that. Because he is. That's what he is. He's beaten everybody, everybody in the Super Six (tournament), and he's doing his thing. They call him and he goes."

Villegas: "Shane, you of course retired, what's the one thing that you miss most being away from the fight game?"

Mosley: "Just being in the ring and fighting, but I stay in the ring. I train with some of the guys out there. I train my son. I kinda do my fighting through him, I guess, and try to prepare him, to get him ready. I'm still around the fight game, so I'm not really missing it as much yet. And I'm not all the way out of the water yet. I'm retired, but you never know."

Villegas: "You might come back? Is that what you're saying?"

Mosley: "You never know. If I'm feeling good in the ring, I'm sparring good, you never know."

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