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Marco Antonio Barrera on Chavez Jr-Martinez, Canelo, and His Toughest Fights

Marco Antonio Barrera briefly discussed this weekend's big fights and fighters with Fight Hub TV, and also touched on his own boxing memories. Click here for more on Chavez Jr-Martinez, and click here for more on Canelo-Lopez.

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Fight Hub TV: "What do you think about Sergio Martinez against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?"

Marco Antonio Barrera: "Big fight."

Fight Hub TV: "Big fight. What's your opinion on it? Who wins? Why?"

Barrera: "Well in Mexico, they think that Julio wins, because he's the Mexican, but it's a very good fight for all the people who like it as a sport."

Fight Hub TV: "Do you think the night of the fight, Julio will be too big for Sergio?"

Barrera: "Yeah, he's very big."

Fight Hub TV: "What do you think about Canelo coming up at 154? How do you see him growing as a fighter?"

Barrera: "Well it's a different weight, but I want to see Canelo with Julio Cesar Chavez. It's a very good fight."

Fight Hub TV: "If Canelo and Junior were to fight, who do you think would win?"

Barrera: "I don't know."

Fight Hub TV: "It's a difficult fight, huh?"

Barrera: "It's difficult for all the Mexicans."

Fight Hub TV: "What was the toughest fight in your career?"

Barrera: "Kennedy McKinney and Erik Morales. Tough fights."

Fight Hub TV: "What's your best memory in boxing inside the ring?"

Barrera: "When I fought Naseem Hamed."

Fight Hub TV: "Naseem came in as a big favorite, and you upset him. He was never the same after you."

Barrera: "Yeah, he fought one time and he retired."

Fight Hub TV: "I think because of that fight, you became a star in your own right."

Barrera: "Exactly. For that reason, it's the fight I like to remember."

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