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Klitschko vs Charr Video: Cinematic Fight Highlights (feat. Band of Horses Dubstep)

Bongarts/Getty Images

Vitali Klitschko beat Manuel Charr easily this past weekend in Moscow, and here's a Klitschko mini-movie with some fight highlights that I think truly, sincerely kicks ass:

I mean, I really love this thing. It's creative, it's cinematic, it gives us way different looks than we normally get of everything it shows -- from the in-ring action to the backstage preparation and celebration. It's really great. This is so much better than the actual fight that it's kind of scary. This makes me think I saw something interesting instead of hands-down Vitali cakewalking over some D+ heavyweight non-contender who had no business sharing a ring with the champ.

I also really dig this Band of Horses remix that they used in the video. BoH being one of my favorite current bands and "dubstep" not being something I enjoy much at all, my love of this is a surprise to me, but this is great. Here's the full version:

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