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Rafael Marquez Reportedly Still Facing Wilfredo Vazquez Jr on 10/6

For now, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Rafael Marquez is still on for October 6.
For now, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Rafael Marquez is still on for October 6.
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Despite a report yesterday that due to illness, Rafael Marquez was out of his October 6 fight with Wilfredo Vazquez Jr in Puerto Rico, Peter Rivera of PR Best Promotions says the fight is still on, and that Jonathan Oquendo has not been moved to the main event as a replacement.

Marquez (41-7, 37 KO) had to postpone the fight once, as it was originally scheduled to take place on August 4, when he suffered a hand injury in training. Recent reports have indicated he had a stomach virus, and the news yesterday that he'd been forced out of the fight again wasn't really a surprise.

Oquendo was already scheduled for the undercard, and made sense as a replacement given that the fight is just three weeks away at this time. But Rivera says he's in contact with Marquez's promoters in Mexico, and that they have not said anything about him being out of the fight.

This could also wind up not being the case in the end, and it might be Vazquez Jr vs Oquendo after all, but for now, officially, Vazquez Jr vs Marquez is still on for October 6.

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