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Chavez Jr vs Martinez Video: Sergio on the Fight, Sulaiman's Bet on Chavez

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight on HBO pay-per-view, Sergio Martinez meets Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Las Vegas in one of the biggest fights of 2012. BLH friend Corey Erdman of The Fight Network had a chance to speak with Martinez ahead of the fight.

Erdman: "Sergio, you've been calling for this fight for so long -- what is your feeling right now knowing it's actually going to happen? Are you anxious are you relieved?"

Martinez: "I feel good. I'm very confident in the work we've put in for the past eight weeks. I'm very happy."

Erdman: "Before, your rivalry was centered around the fact that you thought he didn't deserve the title and wouldn't fight you, but now it seems there's some real resentment toward him personally. Is that true?"

Martinez: "No, I don't hate him. We're both professionals, but once we're in the ring, we're enemies."

Erdman: "When you heard that WBC President Jose Sulaiman had bet on Julio to win this fight -- a man who governs this fight and takes your money to fight for this belt -- what was your reaction?"

Martinez: "It's logical, because Julio is Jose's godson. Jose will probably be rooting for him."

Erdman: "If this fight would have happened two years ago, the betting odds would have been much better. Have you noticed any improvements in Chavez, or are you not impressed?"

Martinez: "Yes, it seems like there's a vast improvement, because he's been with Freddie Roach for the past two years. But it's not going to be enough on Saturday."

Erdman: "Chavez said he's going to shut you up after the fight. Is there anything you'd like to say to him before the fight?"

Martinez: "I'm going to knock him out on Saturday."

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