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Canelo vs Lopez Results: Canelo Alvarez Too Big, Too Strong, Too Good For Josesito Lopez

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There are times when the story in the lead-up to a fight is nothing more than talk, and there are times when it is the god's honest truth. It was the truth tonight when all the pre-fight chatter that Josesito Lopez was simply too small for Saul "Canelo" Alvarez proved out.

Lopez fought with all the heart one would expect given his history, but Canelo was a huge man in comparison. Sure, Lopez entered the ring as a pound heavier on fight night, but weight didn't tell the true story. Lopez was a guy fighting heavy, Canelo was a man fighting strong.

In round one you could see Canelo was determined to sit down on his power shots, not really believing he could be moved by anything Lopez had to offer. Lopez was trying to figure out a plan, but it all went to hell with Alvarez delivered a huge left to the body in the second that sent Lopez to the mat.

In round three, again it was Lopez being knocked down.

Round four? Yeah, he went down then too.

Round five? least that's when Joe Cortez had seen enough and stopped the fight as Canelo drilled him with a huge flurry against the ropes.

I don't know what lesson we, as boxing fans, are supposed to take away from this fight. Is it that Canelo Alvarez is too big to be fighting guys who belong two divisions below him? Is it that heart can't always make up for physical deficiencies in boxing?

I truly understand why we got this fight. I give Canelo and his camp plenty of credit for trying to make fights with James Kirkland, Paul Williams and Victor Ortiz. The plan was never to fight Lopez, but he got his shot by busting up Ortiz.

But maybe it just wasn't a good plan to ever have Lopez in the mix to take this fight.

What did anyone gain? We don't know anything we didn't about Canelo. Lopez's post-Ortiz bubble has burst at the power punches of Canelo. We basically just wasted our time with a fight that was over before it started.

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