ATTN: BLH Will Be Undergoing Major Changes

Hi! As I mentioned before, Bad Left Hook and our parent company, SB Nation, will be undergoing some seriously major changes very soon. Here's a little bit more of a look into what's going to be happening.

First off, you can click here for a sorta-look at what the site will look like -- keep in mind this is, like, an ENTIRE front page, and not what you'll see when you log on after the transition.

Here's an example of what you'll see (there are variations of this) when you hit the site after the change:

Except those things will be boxing stories, and not about the San Francisco 49ers. And there will be loads of content just below that, too.

Here's what mobile users can expect to see, or something similar anyway:

Now here's some bottom line stuff:

  • This change is needed. I can tell you that as a sincere fact.
  • I'm genuinely excited about this, both as the site manager and as a user. I've gotten a chance to tool around with it a bit and I'm frothing at the mouth (I've always wanted to say that) for the changes. It makes it easier for us to bring you high-end content, and more of it.
  • The change to the new platform -- called SB Nation United -- is going to make the overall experience far better. Even with a ton of content, from articles to galleries to videos, the sites will load faster and they will run better than they do now.
  • Our best and most important content will always be up top. Since I know you guys read the whole site and not just the first thing you see, this will allow you to always see the biggest stories and best features up top, and then just scroll down to find out what else is going on. It will also allow us to bring you more content, as there will never be a concern about "bumping" really important stories for minor announcements. We can bring you more and more and more this way.
  • Every platform -- mobile, tablet, computer -- will see the experience run seamlessly.
  • None of the major stuff is going to change. FanPosts will remain, FanShots will remain, our content will just get better, and we're still going to have all of our normal stuff -- live coverage of the fights, post-fight recaps of all the fights, previews, news, commentary, analysis. You're getting a better presentation.

If you have questions, let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them. If I can't, I'll find out from someone who can.

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