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Paul Williams Interview with Showtime's Jim Gray (Video)

Paul Williams spoke with Showtime's Jim Gray on this past Saturday's Canelo vs Lopez broadcast, in his first TV interview since being paralyzed in a motorcycle accident earlier this year.

"Sometimes I think, I accomplished a lot. I did a lot. But I wanna do one more. I feel sorry for my fans. I feel like I let them down, even though I'm pretty sure I didn't let them down. But in my eyes, I feel like I let them down because, like, I'm in a wheelchair hurting right now, but they made me feel so good. The little kids, how they come up to me -- they really appreciate me, and I sit and talk to them, and it's motivating me. And I'm like, you know what? This ain't nothin'. I don't want to be depressed about it or nothing. I'm like, you know what, hakuna matata, man. I ain't even worried about it.

"That's my way of dealing with all this. Joking it off, laughing it off, having fun. Living my life. Because if I was depressed, mad and sad, I'd have two problems going on. One, I can't walk. And two, I'm mad and depressed. So I'd rather keep one problem. So I'm gonna be happy, man. I'm gonna be me. All this right here? This is just temporary. I'm on injured reserve right now. Don't count me out."

Paul Williams: A Tragic End, A Proud Career

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