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Burns vs Mitchell Results: Kevin Mitchell with no excuses, says he'll return in December

British lightweight Kevin Mitchell says he's got no excuses, and lost to a better man against Ricky Burns on September 22 in Glasgow.

Scott Heavey - Getty Images

Kevin Mitchell lost via TKO-4 yesterday in Glasgow to Ricky Burns, but made no excuses after the fight in this interview with iFilm London.

Kugan Cassius, iFilm London: "Kevin, what went wrong there?"

Kevin Mitchell: "After, like, two rounds, I felt like my timing wasn't as quick as his, I wasn't on par with him. Basically, he caught me with a good shot, and it bothered me, and I couldn't recover from it. I recovered from the first one, I got my legs back and I felt alright. The second time I couldn't really get it back. Basically, he was just the better man on the night. He got his job done. I didn't overlook him or anything. I knew his strengths. I think people overlook him. He's got a lot going for him. He's got everything going for him, basically. It was just one of those things tonight."

Cassius: "Were you surprised by his approach? How quickly he was out of the traps on you?"

Mitchell: "No, I expected him to start fast. I should have -- instead of had a go with him, instead of fighting with him, I should have tucked up a little bit more, perhaps. I tried having a little go, I got caught with a good shot. It wobbled me and dropped me, and then I tried and recovered, and I just really couldn't get it back, I think."

Cassius: "If you had gotten through the fourth round, would that have given you enough time to recover for the rest of the rounds?"

Mitchell: "It would've been a minute. You never know. He'd have only come out and got stronger and stronger. I felt like my timing was a little bit out of it -- I remember seeing four jabs coming past me. I moved around them. Then a right hand coming past, I moved from that. Then he's doing it again, and landing them, and I'm thinking, these things shouldn't be landing. It's just one of those things. I'll get back in the gym, training, working hard, and I'll be back in again for December."

Cassius: "Have you got a message for your fans who have traveled up to Scotland to support you?"

Mitchell: "I say thanks so much. Love to you all, with all my heart. I'll be back. Thanks for coming. Sorry for the disappointment."

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