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David Haye accuses Vitali Klitschko of using politics to duck fight

David Haye says that Vitali Klitschko is using his political run to duck a potential fight.

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To hear David Haye talk, someone who doesn't follow boxing may think he hadn't already gotten a shot at one of the Klitschko brothers. He took on Wladimir in 2011 and turned in a genuine turd of a performance, in the end blaming a toe injury and spawning a #toe meme that (even though it has ran its course) still won't die.

But the one-sided, ultimately forgettable bout with Wladimir hasn't stopped Haye from setting his sights on Vitali. Haye's dominant win over Dereck Chisora did nothing but boost David's trash talk as he has called for the fight.

Now, Haye is accusing Vitali of using his run for political office as an "excuse" to not take the fight. Via BoxingScene:

"Vitali shouldn't use parliament as an excuse to run from the biggest and best boxing match," Haye was quoted as saying, referring to the parliamentary elections scheduled in the eastern European nation on October 28.


Klitschko's manager Bernd Boente said at the time: "If Vitali gets a role after the elections where he can make a difference, I suppose that would be the end of his boxing career."

Scott has already talked at length about the fact that Haye remains the biggest fight possible for Vitali, should he not retire from active competition. But, as a refresher:

If you think he doesn't deserve it because he's a dick, well, OK, but that's not really how anything works anyway -- a lot of guys would never get shots that way. The real problem I have with the logic is that we're in a world where Vitali just fought Manuel Charr, Wladimir is coming off of wins over Jean-Marc Mormeck and Tony Thompson that just plain stunk it out, and his upcoming fight with Mariusz Wach isn't exactly great, either. What's "deserve" anymore? Is Haye or is Haye not one of the true top contenders still? I have to say that he is, because I think it's very clear that he is.

Let me put it another way: If Alexander Povetkin and Kubrat Pulev, for instance, were fighting the Klitschkos, or even making noise about doing so, then that would be fine, and I'd say, from a purist standpoint, let them in before Haye gets another invite. But that's not the case. Those guys aren't pursuing the fight.

Ultimately, the problem with heavyweight right now is that the Klitschkos are dragging things down. That's no secret, it's been said an endless amount of times by an endless amount of people.

But, if they're still boxing, they could at least take fights that are either challenging or compelling in their narrative.

Haye fought like a guy trying not to lose too badly against Wladimir, but he sure did make the build-up to that fight interesting right down to the staredown. Maybe he can do that again but actually go for broke in the ring with the realization that, as cliche as it may be, going out on your shield can do a lot more for your boxing career and legacy than just lasting a full 12 rounds.

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