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Mexican Olympian Oscar Valdez turns pro on November 3

Oscar Valdez, a promising young action fighter who drew rave reviews for his fighting style at London 2012, will turn pro in Mexico on November 3.

Scott Heavey - Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Oscar Valdez, the exciting young Mexican bantamweight from the 2012 Olympic games, will turn pro on November 3 in Mexico, Ryan Maquinana reports at Valdez, who has signed with manager Frank Espinoza, will apparently campaign at featherweight to start his pro career.

Those who didn't watch any of the Olympics, or didn't watch a lot, or just plain missed Valdez, you missed what looks to be a very promising young fighter. With a pro style already and a focus on aggression and an attack to the body, Valdez was an action star for two rounds in the tournament, before losing in the quarterfinals to eventual silver medalist John Joe Nevin of Ireland.

He was one of the obvious pro prospects from the games, someone who just seemed better suited for a professional fight than an amateur fight, which isn't really a good or bad thing a lot of the time, but as you're quite aware, I'm sure, some guys turn into fine pros and just weren't cut out for the amateur ranks at an elite level, and vice versa -- some elite amateurs never turn pro, or they just don't have near the same level of success they did in the unpaid game when they do.

Valdez has not yet signed with a promoter, but I can't imagine any of the top names in American boxing not at least giving him a look. He's got the style, he's got the approach, and he did pretty well in London. You never know how the transition will play out until you see it play out, but of all the fighters from the Olympics, he was high on my list of guys I thought would make it in the pros, at least to a respectable, solid level.

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