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Povetkin vs Rahman, HBO Boxing After Dark, more: Boxing TV schedule for Sept. 27-29

Bad Left Hook will have live coverage of two cards this Saturday, but there's a lot more going around the world in boxing, too, with fights from the U.S., Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Panama on the TV schedule.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The new full schedule can now be seen here, and can be accessed at all times via the Library tab (just under the cover) on the front page. That's also where the rankings are - and yes, I'm going to fix the tables on the rankings pages when I get some time to make them not look like refried hell on the new pages.

Thursday, September 27

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Yesica Bopp vs Marisol Miranda, McWilliams Arroyo vs Raul Castaneda, McJoe Arroyo vs Javier Gallo. Miranda is 5-4 and getting a world title shot. When you combine women's boxing with Argentinean matchmaking, this is what you get. This fight's actually in Puerto Rico, though, which is why the McBrothers are there.

Friday, September 28

Eurosport (UK), 3:00 pm EDT, Christian Hammer vs Danny Williams. I don't actually know what's going to air on this show now that the original main event (Alexander Alekseev vs Agron Dzila) is canceled, but this fight is happening. Hammer (11-3, 7 KO) isn't any good, but Williams (44-12, 33 KO) is really awful to see these days himself.

GFL ($9.99), 8:00 pm EDT, George Tahdooahnippah vs Gundrick King.

Telemundo, 11:35 pm EDT, Julian Rivera vs Edgar Jimenez, David Carmona vs Ariel Gonzalez.

Saturday, September 29


Epix / BoxNation (UK) / ARD (Germany), 2:30 pm EDT, Alexander Povetkin vs Hasim Rahman, Kubrat Pulev vs Alexander Ustinov, Jack Culcay vs Mark Thompson. There are few main events I've looked forward to less this year -- I was really hoping Sky would have a good afternoon show so that this could be ignored in terms of live coverage, but here we are, Povetkin defending his meaningless trinket that Crusader For Boxing Teddy Atlas went along with and helped him capture, then called him "world heavyweight champion" like it was all good, against Rahman, who weighed 284 pounds 15 months ago, struggled to handle Galen Brown, said he wasn't ready for any type of title shot, and now has that shot, without fighting again. The manner in which the WBA selects mandatory challengers must be truly fucking fascinating, because this is the guy they came up with. Pulev-Ustinov is the more interesting fight, in that at least Ustinov might possibly surprise me by being better than I think he is. Culcay-Thompson is a very normal Sauerland undercard fight. The US broadcast on Epix starts at 5 pm EDT, but we'll be watching the BoxNation version. Bad Left Hook will have live round-by-round coverage.

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Carlos Dario vs Carlos Farias.

GFL ($9.99), 8:00 pm EDT, Patrick Majewski vs Latif Munday, Shamone Alvarez vs Decarlo Perez. Majewski (19-1, 13 KO) is a northeast favorite who also has done some fightin' in Mississippi, where in April he was allowed by a commission of people who are supposed to actually oversee things to beat up on Antwun Echols, who is at this point octuple-shot. Echols knocked him down, though, before being stopped in three. Mundy should be no problem for Majewski in another showcase. Alvarez has been around the block a handful of times.

TV Max (Panama), 9:00 pm EDT, Chanttall Martinez vs Maria Miranda, Elvin Perez vs Aristides Quintero, Ammeth Diaz vs Bergman Aguilar.


HBO, 9:30 pm EDT, Edwin Rodriguez vs Jason Escalera, Luis Del Valle vs Vic Darchinyan, Alex Perez vs Antonin Decarie. I'm excited to see Del Valle against Darchinyan, because it's a step up even if Vic is genuinely tiny for 122 pounds, and Vic is Vic. You know what you get with him. The other two fights are decent Friday Night Fights fare fluffed up and thrown onto HBO. Bad Left Hook will have live round-by-round coverage.


Televisa (Mexico), 10:00 pm EDT, Zulina Munoz vs Gabriela Bouvier, Denver Cuello vs Ivan Meneses, Antonio Lozada Jr vs Daniel Valenzuela. Cuello is still a contender at 105 pounds. I can't say enough times that I don't know anything much about women's boxing and don't follow it at all. If someone points out a great fight to me, I'll watch it. So I have no idea about the main event, but neither of them are 5-4 challenging for a world title at least. Just 8-2-1 (Bouvier).


TV Azteca (Mexico), 10:30 pm EDT, David Sanchez vs Everth Briceno, Drian Francisco vs Omar Rosales. Sanchez (18-2-2, 14 KO) is a super flyweight banger. You may remember Briceno from an undeserved world title shot against Omar Narvaez in 2010. He's competent in the ring, basically.

Telefutura, 11:00 pm EDT, Julio Diaz vs Hector Sanchez, Andrew Cancio vs Roger Gonzalez. Yes, that Julio Diaz. The "Kidd." He's 32 now and fighting as a welterweight. He was supposed to face Paul McCloskey at 140 earlier this year, but predictably bailed on that fight, and was replaced by Chop Chop Corley, who then chop-chopped McCloskey right down on the road. Sanchez has lost two of his last three, to Vincent Arroyo (a personal favorite of mine) and Cleotis Pendarvis. Cancio (14-1-2, 11 KO) is a 23-year-old super featherweight prospect who beat Rocky Juarez in his last fight. Gonzalez (27-6, 18 KO) is a veteran on about that same level.

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