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Sergio Martinez challenges Floyd Mayweather to fight in 2013

Sergio Martinez has suddenly become a little more brash than usual, threatening Floyd Mayweather and challenging him to a fight in 2013.

Jeff Bottari - Getty Images

Sergio Martinez is usually a pretty soft-spoken guy. We saw some of that change during the press conferences and interviews leading up to his fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, which Martinez won on September 15, and now he's getting a little more brash toward Floyd Mayweather, too:

"When I grab you, I will make your bones crack like I did to Chavez. I promised him that I was going to crack all of his bones and I did. Floyd, get ready because I'm going to find you in 2013. Between now and November of 2013, I promise to find you. He is living in a cloud, but when he gets my message he is going to fall."

Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO) says he'll come down to 154 pounds to fight Mayweather, a weight he hasn't fought at since 2009. Mayweather (43-0, 26 KO) last fought on May 5, beating Miguel Cotto in a junior middleweight fight. He's fought at the weight just twice in his career, also beating Oscar De La Hoya in 2007.

It's a great fight that a lot of people do want to see, but it remains an open question whether or not Mayweather is even remotely interested in the fight. In Mayweather's two bouts as a junior middleweight, he's weighed in at 150 and 151 pounds, four and three pounds below the limit. He's really not a 154-pound fighter, but he's good enough to handle the size difference up there, and has beaten two very good fighters.

It's a bit surprising to see Sergio come this hard after the fight, but I think he knows he has to force one of these big fights he wants - Mayweather, Cotto, or Canelo - and can't sit, contented, waiting for one of them to choose him. He's just playing the game, like everyone does at one point or another.

Do you think this strong call-out gives him any more chance at fighting Mayweather, or will Floyd ignore it as he has most boxing-related things since getting out of jail in August?

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