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Hatton vs Senchenko: Ricky Hatton believes Senchenko a tougher foe than Katsidis

Ricky Hatton believes he made the better fight by choosing Vyacheslav Senchenko instead of Michael Katsidis for his November 24 comeback fight.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ricky Hatton's choice of Vyacheslav Senchenko to be his comeback fight opponent on November 24 came after it was speculated recently that Australian Michael Katsidis would be getting the call, and the British star says that he feels he's taking a better fight this way:

"There were certain opponents mentioned, people like Michael Katsidis and people were excited about him coming, and people such as that, but I think this is a better opponent and I say that with the greatest respect.

"Who knows, they could be further down the line, but for my first fight back, to fight a former world champion, a world-ranked opponent, I think it speaks volumes for what I'm all about. I've never made things easy for myself, I never shirk the best. People said I might want to have an easy one to get my eye back in, but that's not me."

Hatton (45-2, 32 KO) will be fighting for the first time since 2009, and the expectation early on was that he would face a soft touch out of the gate. Lovemore N'dou was the first major rumor, and then Katsidis intrigued a lot of people because of his ability to fight hard for 12 rounds, which would have tested Hatton's desire and gas tank, but we learned a couple of days ago that Katsidis wouldn't be the opponent.

But Senchenko (31-1, 21 KO) is a solid first test, himself. Vyacheslav may be more pretender than true contender, as Paulie Malignaggi proved earlier this year by absolutely destroying him in Ukraine, but he's a fringe contender still, and not someone to take lightly.

It's a very respectable choice by Hatton, and it's a fight he can lose if he's not really back.

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