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Richard Schaefer: Berto-Bundrage held for November 24, main event of tripleheader

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer says that he is holding a November 24 HBO date for an Andre Berto vs Cornelius Bundrage fight, which would be the main event of a tripleheader:

"We are holding Nov. 24 for a fight between Andre Berto and [Cornelius] 'K-9' Bundrage, and Richard Abril against Sharif Bogere. That will be a triple-header, and we are currently working on the third fight as well, and that's with HBO."

So far, it seems like the Berto-Bundrage talk is simply a lot more credible than that of the Timothy Bradley-Berto fight, which could happen on December 15 on HBO. Basically, Top Rank is saying they're trying to talk to Berto about it, but Schaefer is saying he's got the Berto-Bundrage fight lined up, and that he has the HBO date set, and this is, also, older news than the Bradley-Berto thing, which just came up today.

The Abril-Bogere part is new, as that fight was previously said to be set for November 3 on a special edition ShoBox: The New Generation.

If Berto does not fight Bradley, Schaefer believes that Bob Arum and Top Rank will match Bradley with Ruslan Provodnikov, and that a Bradley-Robert Guerrero fight also won't happen:

"I told HBO this would happen, that Arum never believed I’d play along and let Guerrero fight Bradley. Once we did, Arum is saying Guerrero priced himself out. Typical Arum. He hasn’t talked to us about Berto. Who is he talking to? He wants an easy fight and HBO is empowering him. It has nothing to do with money...HBO is getting played."

This should all shake out shortly, but if we do wind up with Bradley-Provodnikov, it'll be pretty hard to see the rest of this as anything more than another Top Rank smokescreen.

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