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Pulev vs Ustinov round-by-round: Rounds 1-3 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Ustinov in his usual straight up, poke-punching stance. Pulev, at 6'4", looks positively small next to the massive Ustinov. This will take some figuring out for Pulev, just size-wise. Little right from Ustinov as their heads nearly clash in a straight-up collision of bodies. Long lumbering right hand from Ustinov is a bit short. Pulev trying to decide how to attack. Looping right way off from Ustinov, Pulev sneaks in a counter left. Right hand from Pulev, and another one clips Ustinov, who is just unbelievably slow in every way, as always. Pulev is on another level, but Ustinov's size has him there for the moment. Clipping right again from Pulev.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9


Pulev starting to take it to him to start this round – he knows that Ustinov has nothing in terms of defense or skill. Pulev just has every single advantage in there other than pure bulk. The speed advantage, the technique, just making Ustinov look like a complete pretender. Ustinov has a bit of blood. Left hand from Pulev. Ustinov seriously has no business in the same ring as Pulev. The class difference is obscene.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 20-18


Ustinov is so far out of his depth that it's not even funny. Nice right hand from Pulev. Ustinov is so huge he can take these shots, but he's being dismantled in there. Pulev jabbing, body shots landing. Ustinov's expression is sort of worrisome, a look of disbelief around a bloodied nose. Finally Ustinov lands a right hand in return as Pulev gets a bit too confident. Pulev felt that one, but Ustinov is going to basically need a one-punch KO here. He can't really follow up. He's not fast enough. Pulev is just pounding him in the nose over and over.

Kubrat Pulev, 30-27

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