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Pulev vs Ustinov round-by-round: Rounds 4-6 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Ustinov needs to get more active. Unfortunately he doesn't have many chances. This ain't Monte Barrett no more. Pulev continues to outclass him in the fourth round, taking Ustinov's occasional landed shots pretty well, and popping him right in the face repeatedly, mixing in a few body shots here and there. Ustinov's head wobbles around all over on these shots, even jabs. No rolling with the punches whatsoever. Jab, jab, jab, right into the nose. Ustinov can't do anything other than lumber, take shots, and hope to land that lucky shot in return.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 40-36


BoxNation team have started to discuss David Price-Audley Harrison as this has settled into a really predictable groove. Pulev can't miss when he really commits to throwing a punch. Ustinov has never slipped a punch in his life. Ustinov with a left off Pulev's glove. Ustinov does a light shimmy at distance, saying, "Ooh, where will I be?" Well, right there. Left-right and then a jab to the body from Pulev. Ustinov throws a right hand that takes about five minutes to get there. One little body shot late for Ustinov as he gets Pulev into a corner, but the bell rings.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 50-45


Here and there Ustinov is trying to do a bit more, but he's just not talented enough for any sustained success. He's targeting the body a bit more. Pulev jabbing and sort of cruising at the moment. He might know that Ustinov is nearly as impossible to knock out as Bigfoot should be, and that he's stuck in here for 12 long no matter what. Pulev lifts a knee when he's grabbed up, and Ustinov throws a weird body shot, and kind of puts his forearm across Pulev's throat, which draws a warning.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 60-54

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