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Pulev vs Ustinov round-by-round: Rounds 7-9 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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Ustinov has just never seen anyone close to this level before. He's never been a real contender, but this is the true proof - it wasn't hard to tell, but now here it is, right in front of us. Hey, but here's Ustinov waking up! He stung Pulev a bit with a couple of right hands, and Pulev has to hang on a moment. Too late in the round to win the round, and then well, Pulev cracks the hell out of him with a right hand anyway.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 70-63


Pulev in control - Ustinov is tiring and we're getting some smacks right upside the head here. Ustinov's face is marked up, swelling some. Pulev looks like he hasn't really been in a fight. Ustinov mostly just aiming for a single shot now. Not that he's ever had much else to do. Pulev just kind of popping away here and there. No real defense from Pulev, since he doesn't need to watch out for much. Jabs from Pulev. Ustinov lands one. He's definitely "feeling the pace." And he gets a second little break this round for the tape on his wrist. Left eyelid appears to be cut on Ustinov. Right and two lefts from Pulev when we get back to it. Ustinov is giving effort. You can say that.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 80-72


Another break for tape just after the round starts. Right to the body from Ustinov. Pulev cruising again at the moment, not leaving himself in any danger, which he should have the scorecard room to do by now. Ustinov with another body shot, and then Pulev gets going with a few jabs and a left hook. Ustinov eats a couple more. The bad thing for him is he's almost impossible to take down, no matter how many clean shots he takes. STIFF right hand from Pulev. Ustinov just takes it like it's nothing, but that was wicked. Ustinov is cracking though. He's tired.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 90-81

Join us for round-by-round coverage.

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