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Pulev vs Ustinov round-by-round: Rounds 10-12 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Join us for round-by-round coverage.


Domination continues for Pulev, who is having no trouble whatsoever in this fight. He's far, far better than Ustinov and all he has to do is avoid slow, looping shots from a slow, lumbering fighter. Pulev finds it easy to tie up when Ustinov gets too close, too.

Kubrat Pulev 10-9, 100-90


Pulev dominates, dominates, dominates. BAM! There’s a left hand! And down goes Ustinov. HE WILL NOT GET UP!

Kubrat Pulev KO-11

* * * * *

We'll have a full recap coming along shortly, as well as further live coverage of the Povetkin-Rahman show, with plenty more to come, including of course the main event. Jack Culcay vs Mark Thompson is likely next up from Germany, and we'll have a quick recap here in the StoryStream for the fights leading up to Povetkin vs Rahman, which is expected at about 5:15 pm EDT.

Join us for round-by-round coverage.

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