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Povetkin vs Rahman round-by-round: Rounds 1-3 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Rahman lands a couple little jabs after Povetkin is short on one. Two jabs to the body from Povetkin. Targeting the soft spot. Right hand from Povetkin and Rahman is wobbled. Rahman trying to jab his way to the goal, which is fine. Right hand again from Povetkin, partially blocked. Povetkin throws a combo, but nothing lands past the jab nicking Rahman. Rahman with a jab. His jab does look OK. It's all about the fact that he's got no movement. He's really heavy, and really lethargic. Povetkin easily able to avoid the power shots.

Alexander Povetkin, 10-9


Povetkin looking to get sharp with his jab. I think he’s felt out Rahman’s speed and approach and seen what he wants to do. That jab is coming out with force now. Jab and a left hook, and Rahman is in danger here! Povetkin unloading, Rahman trying to hold on and lands a right back a little bit. Break from that, and Rahman can’t move off the ropes. Povetkin is just unloading on him. Rahman won’t go down but he’s getting destroyed. Referee finally jumps in – for a break? Jesus. RAHMAN IS HOLDING HIMSELF UP WITH THE ROPES



Alexander Povetkin TKO-2


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