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Perez vs Decarie round-by-round: Rounds 1-3

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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Perez missing a lot in the first minute and a half, both guys feeling each other out. Decarie's shots only getting to the gloves. Decarie with a left hook, landing to the body now. Left to the body from Perez, the southpaw. Right hand down the middle from Decarie. Perez is awkward in the opening, pops a couple little right hooks, Decarie lands again.

Antonin Decarie, 10-9


Max and Roy argue about whether or not Decarie's bouncing for a reason or not. Perez just can't land so far - range would seem to suit him, but he hasn't found it yet. Decarie's little rushes are working. Big right from Decarie and Perez is hurt! Another one lands! Perez on the ropes, trying to hold, but can't grab Decarie. Right hand to the glove, but also the side of the head. Perez looks shaky, but he's getting the legs back just a bit. Decarie not pressing for anything big just yet.

Antonin Decarie 10-9, 20-18


There's no rhythm or purpose to what Perez is doing in there. He's constantly hitching, considering what to do next, and none of it is working so far. That makes it sound like this is a huge blowout, but it's just that he can't find any success for more than a shot here and there at a time. Perez swinging his right hand wide, and Perez just doesn't see it coming. As Roy notes, Perez is just straight back all the time, head way up in the air. Decarie sort of bullying him this round. Right hand from Decarie. Good jab lands after that. Perez just can't figure him out right now. Another right lands.

Antonin Decarie 10-9, 30-27

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