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Perez vs Decarie round-by-round: Rounds 4-6

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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There's nothing Perez has done better than Decarie so far. Body shots getting in, right hand has been the main weapon, the jab has given Perez pause at times, too. He's just a better fighter than Perez. Now they trade! Both are feeling the power at the moment, and we've got a tense bit of action here. Decarie comes through it well and takes another round, just landing more good shots. Perez got a bit going here, though.

Antonin Decarie 10-9, 40-36


Smacking right hook from Perez. Decarie is slowing down a bit - Roy notes that the bouncing has stopped and he's getting a little more flat-footed. But the rights are still landing. Decarie is still in control this round, though Perez is making minor strides. And then he stops making them, as Decarie drills him in the mush with those right hands.

Antonin Decarie 10-9, 50-45


I’m honestly not sure that Perez expected a challenge here. I think he thought he was getting some limp-wristed foreigner who couldn’t handle his American badassery. Decarie just keeps popping him with right hands. If he were a bigger puncher, Perez would have been on his ass a while ago. They keep talking about Perez’s power, but it really hasn’t shown up here. His KO rate is better than Decarie’s, but is his power really that much better? Decarie NAILS HIM WITH A HOOK AND PEREZ IS DOWN! I guess that answers my question there. Perez up, but he’s not on good legs. HUGE RIGHT! ANOTHER BIG SHOT! Referee needs to step in here. IT’S OVER!

Antonin Decarie TKO-6

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