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Del Valle vs Darchinyan round-by-round: Rounds 1-3

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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Darchinyan jabbing a bit to start the fight. He doesn't look particularly small up at 122 or anything. He looks downright spry early. Del Valle a little uncomfortable with Vic and his deranged crab approach to boxing. Roy isn't high on Del Valle's right hand. Darchinyan seems to be mentally winning this first round as much as anything. Popping with the jab here and there. Now they start to throw a little, and Del Valle is the guy who holds. Del Valle looking for that money hook toward the end of the round.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9


Darchinyan throwing his left, but Del Valle sneaks in a quick little hook. That could be the difference-maker if Vic is Vic and eventually gets overly aggressive. Quick little exchange. Del Valle is fighting better than Perez did, but they both seem a bit surprised by the level of their opponents. Darchinyan may have gotten in a headbutt. Now Del Valle shows something, and Darchinyan GETS TO SWINGIN’! Oh boy, this could get nasty and fast, and I’m lovin’ it. Now we’ve got a brawl to end the round. Woo! This is pickin’ up!

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 20-18


OK, they're fucking fighting now. Katie, bar the door. Darchinyan is being aggressive but Del Valle is having a lot of trouble timing his awkward charges, which isn't something new to Darchinyan fights (opponents having trouble figuring out his style, I mean). Right hook Darchinyan. Left hand Darchinyan. Right hand again from Darchinyan. Del Valle's just not landing enough right now. Darchinyan is testing this kid's desire in a big way. But Vic's also pushing a pace he might not be good for at 36 and as a super bantamweight. Right hook from Darchinyan again.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 30-27

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