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Del Valle vs Darchinyan round-by-round: Rounds 4-6

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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Heads are clashing like hell in there and Del Valle might be cut on the nose because of one. Del Valle trying to fight with Vic, and I think he’s having a little success. A right hand got to Darchinyan there, and Vic’s hands are going super low, and he’s getting a little wild and slower on offense. Left hand from Darchinyan stings Del Valle. And another one lands. Del Valle is losing the round again, but Vic appears to be tiring.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 40-36


Del Valle landing a few in the first minute here. Heads still coming together. Right hand from Del Valle. Darchinyan finally being timed somewhat this round. Vic’s output is dropping somewhat, it seems, or at least the effective output. Left hand from Darchinyan gets in right after I say that – I don’t think Vic’s power is much at this weight, honestly. He’s landed a bunch. Uppercut gets in. Darchinyan roughing it up. Closer round, but I think Vic nicks it.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 50-45


Darchinyan keeping it rough, landing power shots, and now Darchinyan is getting super confident. Del Valle with a body shot. Darchinyan DRILLING him with power shots in the final minute. He's really dominating this round with pure aggression. Brute power. Big round for Vic.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 60-54

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