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Del Valle vs Darchinyan round-by-round: Rounds 7-10 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


As Darchinyan takes the first two minutes of the round again, Del Valle finally lands a nice right hand that hurts Darchinyan a bit, and now Del Valle has some confidence. Body shot by Vic, but Orlandito back with a hook. Another big shot from Vic. Another with a left to the mush. Right to the MUSH. Del Valle had a better round here, and still got out-fought.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 70-63


Darchinyan continues to win the fight right now as Kellerman and HBO chase the sad piano music corner stoppage story by pestering Del Valle's trainer. Del Valle is just out of this fight in a lot of ways. He can't figure Darchinyan out, and never has in this fight. He's had moments, nothing more.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 80-72


Del Valle is trying his ass off, but he can't crack the code. Darchinyan being a little safer - it's not easy to tell when Darchinyan is fighting safe but - OH! DARCHINYAN TAGGED! Del Valle has him hurt and he's going at him, but Vic is smart enough to hold. And fight back, too. Right hand Del Valle. Del Valle pouring it on and going at him. Darchinyan throwing goofy shots right now. Right hand connects again.

Luis Del Valle 10-9, Vic Darchinyan 89-82


Darchinyan throws an uppercut, and he’s winging power shots to start the final round. And he’s landing some, too. Del Valle with a short right. He’s got to get aggressive here with half the round left. He can’t afford to do anything less than go for the KO. Left from Vic, and he’s fighting him off again basically. Del Valle with a little right hand. Darchinyan is dog tired but leaving all he’s got in the ring. Del Valle tries to fight his way in, and Darchinyan picks him off with power shots. Left hand Vic.

Vic Darchinyan 10-9, 99-91


99-91, 99-91, 96-94 for Vic Darchinyan.

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