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Rodriguez vs Escalera round-by-round: Rounds 1-3 summary


Well Rodriguez lands a left hook and Escalera’s mouthpiece flies away in three seconds. That gets fixed when there’s a lull. Rodriguez is pouring it on and there goes the mouthpiece again. Escalera’s hurt. Body shots are landing, Escalera is being pushed back. I did expect a mismatch here, but this is pretty sorry so far. Right hand Rodriguez. Body work again. Escalera’s getting killed in there. Right hand. Last count was 45-3 this round in power punches for Rodriguez. This is ridiculous.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-8, and that might be generous


Rodriguez just sort of bashing him around. This is a woeful mismatch, not a surprise after Escalera’s last fight, a draw with Nick Brinson on FNF. Escalera doing better this round, but it’s kind of like doing better the second time you work at the mill, because your hand didn’t get cut off this time and now you just do paperwork. Still lost the round.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-9, 20-17


Rodriguez may have wasted energy in the first round, even though he’s still winning this fight and landing shots. That must be that Ronnie Shields influence. Left hooks from Edwin. Body shots from Rodriguez.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-9, 30-26

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