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Rodriguez vs Escalera round-by-round: Rounds 4-6 summary

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Mouthpiece flies out again this round and Escalera gets it back after a bit, with Smoger warning him that the next time will be a point. "Ya gotta bite down." And now a low blow from Edwin as this fight starts turning into slop. Back to action after a brief recovery, and Rodriguez gets back to work. Escalera is landing some shots this round, and he's got guts.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-9, 40-35


Escalera doing OK this round, but then Rodriguez lands a good flurry and we're back to him physically overwhelming Escalera. You know, I think Escalera has tools, but this fight combined with the last one, he doesn't do enough with them. Escalera hurt on a right, and now here we go with Rodriguez trying to close it - Smoger jumps but doesn't stop it. Smoger keeping an eye on it right now. Escalera hanging on, doing a decent job surviving. He's gonna make it out of this round.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-9, 50-44


Escalera has tools, but way too much work to do. Rodriguez is a finished product. Escalera is not. HBO should not have approved this - the Dulorme fight they refused for October was as good as this. Rodriguez continues winning the fight handily. Rodriguez hurt him again at the end of the round.

Edwin Rodriguez 10-9, 60-53

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