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Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina: December 15 most likely date on Showtime

Amir Khan's fight with Carlos Molina is likely headed for a December 15 date on Showtime, where it would headline a big, three-channel boxing extravaganza from Golden Boy and CBS.

David Becker - Getty Images for Golden Boy Prod
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Steve Kim reports on Twitter this evening that Showtime has bought the Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina fight as expected, and that the most likely date is December 15.

Let's break this down from where it was to where it appears to be headed.

One of the options was December 1 on the Cotto-Trout undercard in New York at Madison Square Garden. That won't happen, apparently. So with December 15, what you've got is a big night for Golden Boy overall, as they're setting up a three-channel boxing epic for the date.

First, they'll air some fights on CBS after a college basketball game. Then, there will be the Showtime Extreme fights. Then, they'll have a main card on Showtime. All of these shows will flow into the next. If Khan-Molina headlines, it's more about the overall package on TV than it is anything else, which means they aren't particularly needy for a major main event -- and Khan-Molina is a fight that is happening, can be called a main event because it has Khan, but isn't a major fight.

Deontay Wilder is also slated to fight on the Showtime card on 12/15, so you have that, too. The CBS program will be filled with 2012 Olympians, and the Extreme broadcast could have more of those, or it could have the normal undercard fights we're now used to seeing.\

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