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Ward vs Dawson Video: Nick Cannon Discusses Fight with Andre Ward

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

For some reason or another, Drumline star/"America's Got Talent" host/"Chairman of TeenNick" Nick Cannon will be the ring announcer for the Andre Ward vs Chad Dawson fight on Saturday night in Oakland, Calif., a move which more than any other I can recall, shows boxing's weird, giddy obsession with rubbing shoulders with the actually famous.

It's not that I have any actual problem with Cannon being there or ring announcing or anything like that -- it's not like it matters to me, and Nick Cannon is a celebrity, a familiar face, and I think I get it, I suppose, but moves like this always strike me more comical than anything. I always envision some goofy boxing promoter or executive finalizing the deal like, "Yes! We got Nick Cannon! Now this fight will be a hit!"

I guess I'm kind of interested to see if he winds up bombing, tripping over his words or calling him, like, "Bad Brad Dawson" or what have you. No matter how good a TV personality is, or how good an actor someone is, I've found over the years that when you take someone out of their element and give them a microphone, it can get bad, fast.

The good news is he's nowhere near as stupid as Jeremy Piven, who these days actually thinks he's Ari Gold, so Cannon should probably be fine.

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