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Ward vs Dawson Video: Chad Dawson Final Press Conference Interview


"My best advantage for Ward is he hasn't seen anybody like me. I don't care what they say, what his team says. You've never been in front of a guy like me. You've been in front of a bunch of Europeans, shorter guys, but you've never been in front of a guy like Chad Dawson.

"And the same thing with me. I've been fighting older guys. Bernard, Tarver, Glen Johnson. I haven't been in there with a young guy. A guy that's my age, that's in his prime. Andre's a great fighter. I don't know what he thinks about me, but I know I'm going into a fight that's going to be a war. If I wanna elevate my career, my profile, I gotta beat this guy. I need that elevation. I need to be put on a higher stature than Andre Ward. I wanna be on the top of the pound-for-pound list. That's what I'm fighting for.

"On my end, everything is done. Training camp was great. And I'm coming to do a job. And the job will get done."


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