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Ward vs Dawson Video: Andre Ward Final Press Conference Interview

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"It's a major fight for a lot of reasons, but, you know, I really, honestly approach every fight the same way. Every fight to me has the same intensity, the same urgency in my preparation, and I think that's a major key to being successful. So this is a big fight, but we've been in situations like this before, we've been in big fights before, and I'm just looking forward to performing and doing what I'm trained to do.

[ Dawson: "I Gotta Beat This Guy" ]

"I'm not going to be intimidated by some smirks or stares or words, or whatever. I've been boxing over half my life. I've seen a lot. I've been involved in a lot within this sport. It kinda is what it is, but it's great for the fans. I love it, and this is what it's all about.

"This is my favorite time before a fight, two, three days before, because press conferences are over, all we've got left is the weigh-in, and then it's go time.

"If you're not ready at this point, you've got a problem. I'm ready, I know they're ready, there should be no excuses at the end of this fight."


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