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Ward vs Dawson: Final Press Conference Photos and Quotes

Andre Ward and Chad Dawson are a day away from their HBO showdown in Oakland. (Photo by Alexis Cuarezma/Goossen Tutor)
Andre Ward and Chad Dawson are a day away from their HBO showdown in Oakland. (Photo by Alexis Cuarezma/Goossen Tutor)

Andre Ward

"The biggest talk comes from individuals who have never laced on a pair of gloves in their life. At the end of the day, it's only me and Chad Dawson. We are the ones that have to fight. I prepared the same way as I did for the last five fights. I respect all of my opponents.

"I respect the sport and I respect my championships. They see me as soft and that's not how it really is. Nothing has been given to me. We worked hard to get to this point and harder to stay there. All the talk is over with. It's time to go to work."


Ward Trainer Virgil Hunter

"My observation of Team Dawson is of concern on their part. We also are concerned with Dawson. We respect what he has accomplished and have taken what we need and put it into our training and left no stone unturned.

"Andre will show what we haven't seen. I always say it takes a great fighter to bring out the best in another fighter and Andre will reveal a new phase of his fighting on Saturday."

Ward Promoter Dan Goossen

"We wanted you (Dawson) to make weight. We never anticipated you not making weight. Come Saturday night there will be no excuses about not making weight.

"Chad is just like all opponents standing in front of Andre, who all had confidence. They just don't get it!

"Andre is a special, special man. Right now Oakland has the best fighter in the world, be it Floyd (Mayweather), Manny (Pacquiao) or whoever."


Ward Manager James Prince

"He (Dawson) made a bad decision coming to Oakland. He made a bad decision with his team. He made a bad decision with his trainer, Scully. He's gonna have his hands full Saturday night.

"Team S.O.G., we are a movement of believers. That's what they are up against. Throw in the towel this time."

Chad Dawson


"Saturday night I will walk out as Super Middleweight Champion of the World. I did everything I said I would to make the weight. Now it's time to fight. Let's go!

"I am an underdog in this fight and I understand that. But I am looking to take my career to the next level just like he (Ward) is."

Dawson Trainer John Scully

"I believe this fight is comparable to Leonard-Hearns. We have trained for the best, the elite. Anybody that thinks we haven't is sadly mistaken. These are two special fighters and the best man will win."

Dawson (and DeMarco) Promoter Gary Shaw

"We fought as underdogs with Shane Mosley versus Oscar De La Hoya and nobody thought we could win. Can you believe that the 175 lb. champion of the world is a 3-1 underdog? As Shane won that night, the last thing I saw was (Promoter Bob) Arum squawking and squawking and that will be Dan Goossen Saturday night after Chad walks out with the 168 and 175-lb. belts.

"You said we made a mistake? Saturday night we'll find out who made the mistake taking the fight."


Antonio DeMarco

"I just want to say we are in great shape to leave our heart in the ring and emerge victorious Saturday night. Like I say, I respect all my opponents.

"I have a lot of respect for Molina. It's a privilege to be part of a fight of this magnitude."

John Molina

"Just to be on the same card with them (Ward, Dawson) means the world to me. There be nothing but fireworks; nothing but a war once that bell rings. I will be the new WBC Lightweight Champion of the World."


All photos by Alexis Cuarezma/Goossen Tutor

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