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DeMarco vs Molina Video: John Molina Interview

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"You looked cut on the scales, look like you're ready to put some work in."

"Absolutely. Tomorrow's the day. Time to go to war. Can't wait. Biggest fight of my life. And I think the way my body looked shows how much we put into this camp. We're prepared."

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"All the sacrifice, all the training, the time away from the family, it's really coming down to right now. It's just go time."

"That's it. I wanna fight. I wish the fight could happen an hour from now. I'm ready to fight, ready to go to war. I think DeMarco's prepared, and he knows I'm ready to go to war. So the fans are gonna definitely get their money's worth tomorrow night."

"See, the demeanor changes from the press conferences two weeks ago, to even the press conference a day ago. Now it's weigh-in, it's less than 24 hours to showtime."

"Absolutely. I think DeMarco -- when we did the staredown, I wasn't gonna break. He was the first one to break. I think people saw that. That's just gonna be a telltale sign of what's gonna happen tomorrow night."

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"How huge is this fight right now for you and your family, and you for what you feel in your legacy?"

"It means the world to me. I've got my baby girl coming November 15th, and it's gonna be the icing on the cake right here. What better way to bring my little girl into the world with her daddy being world champion?"

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