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Robert Guerrero Confronts Adrien Broner at Ward-Dawson Weigh-In (Video)

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Robert Guerrero and Adrien Broner have exchanged words lately on Twitter, and had a "beef," if you will. Both also happened to be at the Ward vs Dawson weigh-in yesterday, and Guerrero decided to confront Broner and offer him a fight. Here's what happened, thanks to our friends at

I'm not trying to be a genius psychologist or nothin' here, but ...

Broner won't make eye contact. I mean, that's just weak no matter what you're talking about. I'm not trying to sound like Ron Fucking Swanson or anything, but it's not a strong trait. I doubt anyone would argue with that.

He also parrots a catchphrase-type thing -- "I still got my 0, I still got my 0, BAAAWK! I still got my 0!" And then he walks off.

Still, both guys did give their side of it in interviews with FightHype. Here's what Broner had to say:

"He didn't even want to say nothing to me. He walked up to me and tried to shake my hand, so I shook his hand and said, "What's up, man? You know me, I know you. You know, you already know what it is." I had to start it off. He didn't want to say nothing to me. They hyped him up."

Most of the remainder of his interview is him talking about going to the mall b/c he's so rich and all this, and he basically surmises that Guerrero doesn't want to fight him, but just wants to make his name off of Broner's back.

Guerrero called Broner "a knee-high Floyd" and said that he showed fear:

"A lot of these guys talk too much, like Broner. I walk the walk. He talks too much on Twitter and he talks too much on YouTube, but when he ran into me, he didn't know what to say. All he said was, "I still got my 0, I still got my 0." Okay, your 0 means nothing to me. Looking at your credentials and whom you've fought, you fought a bunch of cracked eggs already."

What a weird but entertaining (to me, anyway) situation. Personally, no, I don't think Adrien Broner wants to fight Robert Guerrero right now. I also don't think Adrien Broner wants to fight anyone at 147 pounds. He just got past 130. And I don't know that there's a problem with that. But when you talk that much and get confronted... well, I like to think a guy would have something better than this, that's all. He got backed down, you could say, but you could also say he just doesn't really care. Why would he? He's a bigger star than Guerrero already, whether that's fair or not.

Basically what we have is two guys claiming the other one doesn't want to fight. We'll see if it goes anywhere. Broner is tentatively due back in November, and Guerrero says he'd be ready by then.

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