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Carl Froch and Adonis Stevenson exchange trash talk for potential fight

With a potenital fight still looming, both Carl Froch and Adonis Stevenson have taken some time to talk a bit of trash about the other, each saying they will knock the other man out.

Scott Heavey

Over the last few weeks it has gone back and forth about whether or not Carl Froch would face WBA "regular" champion Mikkel Kessler or his IBF mandatory challenger, Adonis Stevenson. Froch genuinely appears to want to get his revenge on Kessler, but if a deal cannot be made on that end then he will be squaring off with the Canadian contender, Stevenson, in defense of his IBF strap.

Despite Froch's well-earned reputation as a tough man to crack, Stevenson is totally confident that he would take home a victory if the two did meet. He feels Froch's style is "tailor-made" for him.

Here is what Stevenson said on a potential fight with Froch, via Boxing Scene:

"I want Froch. I'm not afraid of Carl Froch. I love his style. His style is tailor-made for me. This is not a guy who is going to run, he rushes at his opponent. I think I can knock him out. I hope to fight against him in the coming months and I will win the belt for Quebec, Canada in memory of Emanuel Steward."

Stevenson seems pretty stoked for the opportunity to be able to fight a big-name boxer like Froch. Don't know if I agree that Froch is tailor-made for him, but he certainly won't have to look hard to find him in the ring if they did square off. It could be explosive while it lasts.

Froch himself caught wind of Stevenson's comments. Never one to hold his tongue, he offered up a rebuttal (via Live Fight):

"Is that what he said? That he would knock me out? Well, a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep - and trust me, Adonis will be a lamb to the slaughter. I wish him no harm, but if he comes to fight then he will be blitzed in a handful of rounds. My opponents have two choices when they fight me. They can either run, hold, and take a decision or they can actually fight and get smashed up."

"With the greatest of respect, Adonis is not a fleet-footed fighter - he will come throwing those big bombs and we could have a nice little war, if it is him next and not Kessler. I do give Adonis respect, he has fought his way to the number one spot and as everyone knows, I avoid nobody. He has been vocal in demanding the fight, and that to me shows he has the appetite for it, which is to be commended. But he would get smoked. End of story."

Froch is one of the best trash talkers in the business, and doesn't disappoint here. If the Kessler fight cannot be made (make no mistake, it is the one most desired by Froch and fans) then this bout is not a terrible alternative. It would be much better than Froch's previous fight, a demolition of Yusaf Mack.

Froch and Stevenson are scheduled to go to a purse bid on January 15 if a deal between the two sides cannot be made.

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