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Alexander vs Brook: Kell Brook promises to leave Detroit with IBF title

Kell Brook doesn't plan to let Devon Alexander go back home to St. Louis with the IBF welterweight title after the two have met on February 23 in Detroit.

Kell Brook says he's focused, fit, and ready for his shot at IBF welterweight champion Devon Alexander on February 23 in Detroit. Kugan Cassius of iFilm London spoke with a very confident Brook ahead of the fight.
Kugan Cassius, iFilm London: "Are you deep into training camp at the moment?"

Kell Brook: "Deep in training camp. Christmas Day, New Year's Day, I trained on them days, very, very hard. I've been non-stop for weeks and weeks now. Me standing here right now, I'm ready to go now. I'm probably as fit -- I'm in the same condition that I were for the last fight. I've still got five and a half weeks to go. What am I going to end up being like? I'm going to end up being frightening. A machine. Since I were nine year old, it's been, you know, I've dreamt about being a world champion. On the 23rd of February, it's my time. We're gonna fly out to Detroit and we're gonna win that world title. We're taking it off Devon Alexander. He says I'm nothing special, but he's gonna know really quick in the fight when he feels that ramrod jab, and the passion that I'm gonna be bringing in that ring, he's gonna know really quick that I am special."

iFilm London: "You have some experience in America, when you fought on the undercard of Froch and Ward, against Galarza. So you sort of got a little taste of what it is to fight out there. How do you feel you're going to cope with the pressure of going over there? You're fighting away from Sheffield, you're fighting away from England. You'll have a great support here from Sheffield and all over England, they're going to come and watch you, but how do you think you're going to deal with that initial pressure as you step out into the arena and walk to the ring?"

Kell Brook: "I think it were unbelievable, it were fantastic for me to be fighting on the Carl Froch undercard, because that were the final of the Super Six. I'll admit, I were a bit nervous, I've not really boxed outside England. ... After boxing in Sheffield Arena and packing it out, and having that pressure on me and stuff like that, I think I've done it all now. I've got the t-shirt. So when I go out to America, nothing's going to phase me. I've got one thing on my mind, and that's to get out there and beat Alexander. I'm gonna turn up in the best physical, mental shape. So healthy, so mentally in the zone, knowing that I've done absolutely everything right. I've got my nutritionist living with me every day, so everything that passes my mouth, he knows the nutritional value. I'm getting the best out of me in training, I've got my strength and conditioning trainer, I've got my head trainer, Dominic Ingle. I've got a fantastic team. We know that on the 23rd of February, I'm going to be in the best-ever shape that I could ever be in. And I'm passionate, and I'm ready for a dog fight, a technical fight. I am ready. I am ready now for this world title fight. I'm going to get in there, and there's no way I'm leaving Detroit without that belt."

iFilm London: "Do you feel as though you're going to have to stop him or knock him out, if it goes to points you may not get a decision? Has that crossed your mind?"

Kell Brook: "It has crossed my mind, but (promoter) Eddie (Hearn) said today that we're having a British judge, an American judge, a neutral judge. So that's made me happy. But I'll be honest with you, the way I'm training, the way I'm going to be in five weeks' time, I don't see it going the distance. If it does go the distance, you're gonna see who is the winner of the fight. It's going to be so one-sided if it goes to points. I'm ready to go all-out for 12 rounds if I need to. I'm going to be in so fantastic a place, when that time comes, I'm going to be ready."

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