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Salido vs Garcia results: Rocky Martinez retains title with draw, more bad judging against Juan Carlos Burgos

Rocky Martinez managed to leave New York with his WBO super featherweight title, another in an increasingly disturbing trend of very unpopular decisions in boxing.


Another week, another case of bad scoring by boxing's judges. This time, Rocky Martinez escaped New York with his WBO super featherweight title, going to a controversial draw against Juan Carlos Burgos in the HBO Boxing After Dark opener. Scores were 117-111 Burgos, 116-112 Martinez, and 114-114. BLH had it 117-111 for Burgos.

Burgos (30-1-1, 20 KO) seemed to dictate most of the fight from the outside, and also met Martinez (26-1-2, 16 KO) at least 50-50 in close quarters. Most scores from media and fans on Twitter and our site were in the 117-111, 116-112 realm for Martinez, and I'm not sure that anyone outside of judge Tony Paolillo had Martinez actually winning the fight. (Note: Max Kellerman kept saying that Paolillo scored Casamayor-Santa Cruz in 2008 for Casamayor. This is incorrect; Paolillo scored it 114-113 for Santa Cruz.)

John Signorile was the judge who had it 114-114, which was almost as bad, but pales in comparison. The judge who got it right was Waleska Roldan.

It's hard to keep getting upset about this stuff every week. Yes, it needs to change, but it's not going to. Tonight's judges were inexperienced, but we see "respected veteran" judges screw up all the time, too. There is no accountability, there are no consequences, and nothing is changing.

As for the fight, it was pretty decent. Martinez gave a valid and valiant effort in there, never giving up, plugging away the entire fight, but Burgos did some great body work, which if nothing else, I think, should have been the difference in the outcome of the fight. But it wasn't.

Our live coverage continues here.

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