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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says Sergio Martinez is 'afraid' of a rematch

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says that Sergio Martinez is afraid of a rematch, but is this just talk meant to hype the second fight that by all accounts will be happening?

Jeff Bottari

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, barring any setbacks in interim fights or the like, will be rematching Sergio Martinez, barring any setbacks for Martinez, such as a potential April 27 loss to Martin Murray. This has been generally accepted as fact, with promoters for both fighters talking up the idea, which could land on September 14, or at some date close to that in the fall.

Chavez Jr, though, says that Martinez is scared of taking the fight again, knowing he'll be knocked out. From

"Martinez is afraid. He's knows that I'm going to knock him out. That's why he won't give me a rematch."

Again, the rematch has been talked about as if it's a certainty. Sergio did recently say that Chavez Jr doesn't deserve a rematch, but I think that's been taken the wrong way. It's easy to argue he doesn't deserve it, but Martinez has no bigger fight he can actually make, and he and his team are surely quiet aware of that.

For the record, and the sake of argument, if it doesn't happen, then, like, oh well? Chavez Jr doesn't really deserve a rematch. It would be impossible to say that Martinez, the real world's champion, is ducking one of many mediocre potential challengers. Matthew Macklin did a lot better than Chavez Jr did against Martinez; would anyone say Sergio is ducking Macklin by not giving him a second crack?

But, in the end, at the end of the day, like I said before, this is really all just a way to keep people talking about the rematch that I'm 97% sure is going to happen.

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