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Orlando Salido believes he was coming back, thinks Team Garcia quit

Orlando Salido lost by technical decision last night to Mikey Garcia, and though the fight wasn't close, Salido believes that Team Garcia quit due just as Salido was making a rally.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Orlando Salido wasn't pleased with the result of last night's HBO Boxing After Dark main event, but it wasn't just the loss to Mikey Garcia, or even that he was knocked down four times and mostly dominated. Salido believes that Garcia and his corner quit.

The fight was halted after eight rounds, when the ringside doctor stopped the bout after Garcia (31-0, 26 KO) suffered a broken nose following a headbutt from Salido:

"I never felt that the head-butt was strong enough to do that much damage," Salido said. "I felt I was getting to him and I felt when I saw his corner, they were ready to quit. They were ready to stop the fight. … In the seventh round, I felt like I was getting to him. I had five rounds to get this guy and I felt that I was on my way."

Salido (39-11-2, 27 KO) was definitely doing better than he had early in the fight, but it would have been hard to do much worse than he did in the early stages At the time the fight went to the cards, Salido was down massively, and lost on scores of 79-69, 79-69, and 79-70. BLH had it 79-69 for Garcia, too.

I, too, thought the decision to stop the fight when it happened was due at least in part to trainer Robert Garcia pushing for the fight to stop there. There was absolutely no doubt that Mikey was a mile ahead in points, and it was a guaranteed win to end the fight there, with no possible danger of Salido making any comeback. But there's also no doubt that Garcia dominated Salido over that fight, and if there is going to be a rematch, I can't help but feel like Salido should get a decent win first, as respectable and tough a fighter as he is.

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