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Andre Ward says he and Gennady Golovkin "could be a big fight down the road"

Andre Ward gives his thoughts on middleweight contender Gennady Golovkin, and says the two "could be a big fight down the road".

Ezra Shaw

Andre Ward was able to witness Gennady Golovkin's destruction of Gabe Rosado first-hand this past Saturday as Ward was a member of the broadcast team in place of the absent Roy Jones Jr. Afterwards, Ward was able to share his thought on Golovkin and the potential of a fight between himself and the rising middleweight contender.

Here is what he had to say, via Boxing Scene:

"Golovkin is a strong kid, " Ward said. "Physically, he looks like he hits pretty hard, he's got some heavy hands. He looks like he's getting a push from media and fans. I think he's got potential, but I think he's got work to do. He's gotta beat some upper-echelon guys.

"Right now, it doesn't look like those guys want to fight him, so it's not his fault. But I definitely feel like that could be a big fight (between he and Golovkin) down the road."

I think Ward is being honest here. It would be nice to see Golovkin fight some more top-tier type of opponents, but it doesn't appear as if they are excited about fighting him. As for Ward saying Golovkin needs to "beat some upper-echelon guys" well, Kelly Pavlik certainly had not achieved that for a while and he was able to sign a contract for a fight with Ward.

Ward also claimed Golovkin is "getting a push from media and fans", and I think that's pretty obvious. And it's easy to see why. Golovkin is always coming forward, trying to knock his opponent out with seemingly every punch. Boxing fans like that kind of stuff. Probably the only other boxer I can think of at the moment that gets close to as much #BoxingHead intimacy is Lucas Matthysse.

Anyways, a fight between Ward and Golovkin is certainly one that I would not mind to see. It would be interesting to see if GGG could take SOG out of his comfort zone. Twenty-six have tried and 26 have failed. Is that trademarked?

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