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Shane Mosley: 'Paulie Malignaggi seems to be afraid'

Shane Mosley discusses his apparently canceled fight with Paulie Malignaggi, saying it seems like Paulie is afraid to fight him.

Fight Hub TV: "Shane, what's the status right now of your scheduled fight with Paulie Malignaggi? There's been a lot of reports that it's off, that it's on, what's going on with that?"

Shane Mosley: "At this point I'm not really sure, exactly. I'm supposed to meet with Paulie Malignaggi and talk about the fight and why, I guess he's afraid, or what's the situation. He says it's finance. It's because Golden Boy's not paying him what he's supposed to be paid. There's nothing I can do on my end because I'm all tapped out with the finance thing as far as the fight's concerned. My main concern is, I want to fight for the world title, the belt, and my father coming back with me, training, I thought it would be a great event for both of us. For Paulie and for myself. Paulie's fighting a name. Like I told him, I can go to any arena and the fans are cheering. The fans come to me and ask for autographs. I'm not sure they do the same thing for Paulie. So Paulie having a legendary name on his belt, and being able to fight somebody of legendary status, that's going into the Hall of Fame -- I don't see why he wouldn't want to do that."

Fight Hub TV: "When you heard that he was asking for more money -- I wanna say he threw out the figure, like $3 million or $5 million or something like that--"

Shane Mosley: "Whoa."

Fight Hub TV: "How would you react when all this started coming out that he didn't really want to fight now anymore and he's calling out Marcos Maidana instead?

Shane Mosley: "Fighting Marcos Maidana, that's really a 140 pounder. That doesn't do anything for (Malignaggi). Who's really gonna wanna watch that fight? I think that the reason why Golden Boy wanna accept the fight with me over there in New York is because he lives in New York, the New York fans love me out there, and it would probably sell out the Barclays Center for people to come watch me and Paulie fight. But for him to fight Maidana, I don't think that's going to sell out the Barclays Center. I don't think he's going to make the same type of money, or Golden Boy make the same type of money. His best bet would be to man up and fight me."

Fight Hub TV: "Did you have a feeling something like this would happen, or did you have kind of, like, an inkling, like, I have a feeling, maybe, this type of situation might arise?"

Shane Mosley: "I really didn't think that. I think that if I was Paulie and I was in his shoes, I would be like, well, this guy has a name, he's a legendary fighter, he's fought everybody. And to have a name like 'Sugar' Shane Mosley on his belt, of a win, would be great. And to lead into the next fight, the next big fight, he could probably fight a big fight. If I was in his shoes, thinking the way I think he should be thinking, but he's not thinking that way. Maybe he thinks that I'm too good for him. Maybe he thinks that I can beat him. That he can't win. Maybe that's the reason why he doesn't wanna take the fight. Maybe he believes with Marcos Maidana, he can run around the ring, and outpoint and beat a Marcos Maidana. Maybe he thinks he can't outrun me around the ring and win a fight. Maybe that's the problem."

Fight Hub TV: "If the fight doesn't happen, where do you go from there? Do you just keep on training and keep trying to push for a marquee, world title fight? Where do you want to go from that point?"

Shane Mosley: "I want to be -- when I went to come back to boxing, I wanna be the best out there. At 147, I've chosen the 147 pound division. I'm willing to fight everybody. I believe in my heart, beating Paulie Malignaggi, being the world champion, everybody's gonna come after me. I want to fight all the top guys, all the best guys that are out there at 147. I'm willing to do that. A lot of champions aren't willing to fight everybody out there. I'm willing to do that. Paulie, obviously, sounds like he's not willing to fight all the best fighters out there at 147. He just wants to fight guys coming up from 140 to 147. He wants to fight all around and just try to steal money and get some money for the belt they have. I don't really need the belt to get these type of fights, I can fight anybody because of my name. I'm thinking that's what Paulie is not understanding, it's my name he should be wanting to put under his belt. Not just fighting me. I would never see this coming, for a guy to be -- it seems to be afraid to actually get in the ring with me and fight. That amazes me."

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