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Danny Garcia reportedly backing out of February 9 fight, Zab Judah not happy

Danny Garcia might be withdrawing from his upcoming bout with Zab Judah. Reports are the withdrawal will happen on Monday.

David Becker

It wasn't a fight that set the world on fire when it was made, but Danny Garcia's title defense against Zab Judah was scheduled to go down in two weeks and Showtime had just poured significant time into promoting the bout on last night's Showtime Championship Boxing. Now, however, it looks like Garcia may be looking to pull out of the February 9 bout.

It started with some tweets from Mike Coppinger:

Showtime spent a good portion of last night's broadcast of Lucas Matthysse's destruction of Mike Dallas Jr. promoting Garcia vs Judah. Between talking to Zab, showing a hype video focused on the argument between Zab and the Garcia camp at the presser and even asking Matthysse directly after his win if Judah had a chance, they were really pushing the event as well as attempting to lay the groundwork for Matthysse to fight the winner.

Zab, as one would expect, was none too happy:

Obviously nothing is set in stone and things could change. So we'll have any updates of note here at Bad Left Hook.


Update: Garcia-Judah fight off due to rib injury from sparring

Zab Judah had the following to say:

No one has said anything to me, but I heard Garcia hurt his ribs in sparring. But I know he's hurt and the fight with Garcia is off, but there might a replacement opponent. I worked hard for this and I don't understand how you're a champion and two weeks before a fight you say you're hurt.

I don't know if he's faking it or not, but they told me the fight is off and I know he's not ready. He might want to wait to April to fight-but that's not going to be it. I want to fight him now. We're hoping and looking for a replacement. I did everything I have to do to fight this guy.

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