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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr likely to receive nine-month suspension from Nevada

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's attorneys have requested a six-month suspension for a failed drug test in Nevada, but the state commission is reportedly likely to be harsher than that.

Jeff Bottari

Though his attorneys and everyone else involved in the business of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr had hoped for a six-month suspension following the fighter's failed drug test last September in Nevada, the state commission is reportedly likely to be harsher than that, with a nine-month suspension expected, as well as a much steeper fine than the $10,000 that Chavez's attorneys want.

Chavez (46-1-1, 32 KO) failed a post-fight test for marijuana after his loss to Sergio Martinez. Had this been the first time that Chavez failed a test in Nevada, the commission likely would have given him the sort of punishment that the fighter's team have requested.

However, Chavez also failed a drug test in 2009, testing positive for a diuretic (and one known to serve as a masking agent for PEDs) after his win over Troy Rowland, which was later changed to a no-contest. UFC fighter Nick Diaz is a recent repeat offender, and he was suspended for a full year, and fined $60,000.

If Nevada sticks to nine months from the time of the failed test, that would mean Chavez would be cleared to fight in the state again in the summer. There has been recent talk of Chavez fighting again in May, and WBC dictator Jose Sulaiman has stated that if Nevada is "too harsh" -- and this would appear to qualify for that -- then he will support Chavez fighting in Mexico.

Chavez is scheduled to go in front of the commission in February, after missing a date in December. The current major plan for his career is a rematch with Martinez in September.

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