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Molina vs Spinks: Carlos Molina hopes to challenge for world title with win on Friday Night Fights

Chicago's Carlos Molina will have home field advantage on Friday when he faces Cory Spinks on ESPN Friday Night Fights. 670 The Score in the Windy City spoke with the junior middleweight contender ahead of the fight.

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "Tell me a little about your opponent first, and what do you train differently when you're facing a southpaw?"

Carlos Molina: "Cory Spinks is a two-time world champ, he's got a lot of experience. He's been doing this since he was a kid, eight years old. Southpaws, you just work different angles. Same things, just different angles. You've got to get used to it, but this is my third southpaw in a raw, so we're already in the groove already."

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "Do you expect this to be a sold-out event? I've been to fights at the UIC Pavilion, the Aragon Ballroom, The Venue, I've seen David Diaz fight. Give me a picture of how you think the attendance is going to be."

Carlos Molina: "Well, I hope we get a good crowd down there, but I haven't fought here in four years. I've been on the road, traveling, challenging everybody in their hometown. So it's nice to get a fight in my hometown. Hopefully everybody supports the Chicago boxers, and I'm hoping to get a good crowd."

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "I don't see a lot of media coverage in Chicago boxing. There's nothing -- the newspaper, not on the radio, not on television. That's why I'm trying to start my own thing here. Why do you think that is? Is there not a fan base here? Is the promotion not good enough? What's the reason why there's not enough -- it's almost like an underground fighting ring here in Chicago."

Carlos Molina: "We've got a new generation of boxers that are coming up and are getting ranked in the top ten. I think that's going to bring back the fans. That's what we're hoping for."

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "More of the lighter weight fighters, you think? Maybe some of the heavyweights would bring the sport back? They are losing out to basketball and football and everything, but when I watch people like you, you're a premier fighter. I believe that they should have sold out events when you come to town. People should know about you. You should be on the map."

Carlos Molina: "Our plan is to get some Chicago boxers to win a world title, and then come back, like David Diaz, you said. David Diaz brings a good crowd here because he was the last champion from Chicago. Hopefully, other Chicago fighters are going to step up and bring some world titles here and get some recognition."

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "Obviously, you're coming off a victory, but the fight previous I want to talk about a little bit. To give the fans a little history, the Kirkland fight. I saw it on TV and everything. What can we do to prevent what happened last time? Just give me what you saw in the ring, to the people that don't know what did happen."

Carlos Molina: "My corner walked in when the bell rang. The round was over with. They do that every -- they've done that 300, maybe thousands of times. It wasn't his fault. But I feel the only way you can prevent that is knocking a guy out. Pretty much, because I knew that going into his hometown that bad decisions, you've got everything against you. I never expected that. Getting disqualified that way."

Craig Miller, 670 The Score: "Good luck on your next fight, you're not looking ahead. Will there be a Kirkland (rematch) in the future if you do win the fight come February 1st?"

Carlos Molina: "I hope so! I asked for the rematch, and we never heard back from them. If not, we're just looking out there for the best fights we can get. Sooner or later, maybe we'll get it again. If not, I want a world title, or whatever I can get."

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