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Golden Boy releases Donaire-Mares contract offer

Golden Boy Promotions took some offense to the news that they didn't offer a legitimate contract to promote a fight between Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares, and have released the full contract.

Scott Heavey

Nonito Donaire and Top Rank insisted there was never any contract for a fight with Abner Mares. Now, Mares' promoters at Golden Boy have released the contract to, after taking offense to the reports that they never made a legitimate offer.

Golden Boy offered $3 million to Top Rank to promote the fight.

"Donaire stating that this is not a contract is wrong. If he does not want to fight Mares then just say it, if Arum does not want to work with Golden Boy then just say it, if Donaire is not his own boss and can not fight who he wants then just say it. But they should stop making excuses," [Richard] Schaefer told

Donaire is reportedly close to signing a fight with Guillermo Rigondeaux for April 13 on HBO.

How do you take this? Bold move by GBP? Publicity stunt of sorts? Just a chance to punk Top Rank and Donaire? All of the above? And however you take it, will it be effective in making the public believe that either Donaire is ducking Mares, or Top Rank is blatantly avoiding the fight?

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