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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr given another hearing date extension by Nevada State Athletic Commission

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr's official punishment from the NSAC will be delayed at least until February after the boxing star has had issues meeting with legal representation due to an "expired visa."

Jeff Gross

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s positive drug test may have taken place in September of 2012, but we still won't have official action taken by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for at least another month.

Chavez Jr was not at today's meeting despite being the last item on the agenda. His legal representation was at the hearing and explained that Chavez's visa had expired and, because of that, he had yet to meet with him in person. Of course, this meant his representation didn't feel comfortable representing him there at the hearing as he had only spoken to him on the phone.

Chavez has yet to file a written answer to the charges for which he is under temporary suspension. With this being the fourth month since the test, it is a bit ridiculous that the NSAC was willing to accept any excuse to not just move ahead and hand down their official punishment.

That is, however, exactly what they did.

The NSAC decided that Chavez has twenty days to file a written response to the charges and they will schedule his hearing for their February meeting which will "probably be late in the month."

Given that this seems like pretty much the exact situation where the NSAC will hand down a 9 month suspension retroactive to the fight date and a 30% purse fine -- their standard unless they go for the maximum full year suspension -- it's likely that the suspension will be more than half over before it's even given.

There's also not really any way to fight the charges as the NSAC basically always falls back on "you have a responsibility to know what you put in your body" in these cases.

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