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Tyson Fury goes on another vile tirade, likely to face BBBofC sanctions

Tyson Fury is at it again. Will he blame "cousins" for this latest outburst?

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tyson Fury, who was fined by the British Boxing Board of Control earlier this year for ill-advised comments made about David Price, is likely to face another fine from the organization after another foul Twitter rant, this time directed at Lennox Lewis and David Haye.

Lewis, 48, had said in some interview that he could still knock Fury out "inside a round," which sent the 25-year-old Fury into a rage:

"Lennox u talk utter shit! I'd spank u & Haye & Price all in the same night! U wouldn't have been any good to me in your hay day never mind now grandad!! Also @Klitschko is a pussy & would never fight me!!"

"@LennoxLewis is a homosexual!!! But an even bigger pussy!!!"

"If @LennoxLewis has any balls left at all come fight me & ill have u carried out on a stretcher u fucking pussy! Come & try!!!"

"@mrdavidhaye is a fucking shit house cunt! Went and cut himself on purpose! So he could postpone getting an ass kicking wat a soft cunt"

"Where's the fucking prick @mrdavidhaye u better take this fight Feb 8 u ugly little prick!!"

"I'm going to snap @mrdavidhaye's jaw in little bits! If he has the arsehole to fight me!

"Come & try Tyson fury is the name & fighting is the game!! Anytime any place any where! Ill rip your fucking heart out!!!!!!"

Unsurprisingly, Fury deleted the "homosexual" tweet, but to give him some "credit," he's left most of this up. So I guess perhaps like earlier this year, Fury could blame the "homosexual" tweet on cousins of his who must have hijacked his Twitter account again while he was making sandwiches for the homeless or whatever noble thing he did while his phone was left unattended and then stolen, this time only for one tweet in the middle of a bunch of other tweets.

I guess what I'd like to say about this is that I respect Tyson Fury as a fighter, but not so much as a person. This is like a volcano of childish rage erupting, and it's nothing new from him. He's done this before, then tried to hide from actually taking responsibility for it. If you want to say awful things, then at least be an adult and own it and go, "Yes, I said those awful things," is my point. Then we can all be very clear that you're a jerk who spews nonsense if anyone ever dares "disrespect" you.

Lewis, for his part, did respond, tweeting Fury a picture of a world title belt and adding, "Only because you may never see one up close." Haye also responded, saying that Fury "needs to ease up on his 'Medication' or seek an Exorcist."

Haye and Fury are tentatively scheduled to meet on February 8, 2014, in Manchester.

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