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Nacho Beristain: Bradley knows in his heart that Marquez won the fight

Nacho Beristain is returning to the familiar song that plays every time Juan Manuel Marquez loses a fight, saying that Timothy Bradley knows that he didn't win. Bradley disagrees.

Jeff Bottari
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Trainer Nacho Beristain is a Hall of Famer, and someday his star fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez, will join him in boxing immortality. But Beristain and Marquez are back in familiar territory right now, coming off of a competitive loss that can't really be classed as a robbery, and complaining that they've been screwed again for the sixth time or whatever.

Beristain had this to say at the presser:

"We know that we fought the world champion. He's an excellent fighter. ... He's the only undefeated fighter with two losses. ... He's got a bright future. But tonight we won, and in his heart he knows we won this fight."

The veteran trainer told Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO) repeatedly during the fight that he was winning, though the majority of observers had Bradley up fairly comfortably through the middle rounds. The fight was still on the table the whole way through, and it's worth wondering if Beristain continually telling Marquez that he was ahead may have hurt his fighter's performance. Marquez often was content to hunt for one big shot, and frankly he failed to find it very often, leading to Bradley's sharp jab, workrate, and defense taking many of the rounds while Marquez simply failed to do enough.

By no means, I don't think, do many people believe this was a clear Marquez victory, but the Marquez camp has only ever not complained of a loss when Floyd Mayweather completely outclassed Juan for 12 rounds in 2009. Essentially, if he has any argument whatsoever, Marquez and his team will frame it as a robbery. That's just life at this point. He's not a good loser.

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