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Bad Left Hook Radio: Timothy Bradley gets deserved props, look back on Bradley-Marquez, ahead to Alvarado-Provodnikov

Ethan Miller

HELLO! It is back. This thing is back. I took a couple weeks off because, well, I just did. I address part of that in the opening of the show here.

Here is the show, here, here, here.

A few warnings:

  • I put no thought into this episode. No preparation. Nothing. It's just me babbling. That's it and that's all.
  • Lots of "uh" and "um" which I finally lose my own patience for toward the end.
  • About 40 minutes, but NON-STOP ACTION, YOU GUYS
  • I will address concerns over my opinion in the comments of this post. Or I won't. I don't know. You buys your ticket, you takes your chance.

The episode has thoughts on Chavez-Vera, Cotto-Rodriguez, Salido-Cruz, Lomachenko (and Salido-Lomachenko?), Bradley-Marquez, Bradley, Marquez, and Alvarado-Provodnikov. It's JAM-PACKED with HOT TAKES and MY SCATTERBRAINED NONSENSE as in real life I HAVE QUIT SMOKING IN THE LAST FIVE DAYS AND I'M A LITTLE JITTERY BUT MOSTLY DOING WELL WITH IT


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