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Alvarado vs Provodnikov live stream for final press conference

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Mike Alvarado and Ruslan Provodnikov will get together this afternoon at 4:30 pm EDT in Denver for the final press conference ahead of Saturday night's HBO boxing main event, and you can stream the show live on Top Rank TV.

BLH will have some live thoughts on the show, which can be followed on Twitter, @scottchristBLH. We'll also have a quick recap directly after the presser concludes.

Alvarado (34-1, 23 KO) is returning to his hometown for this fight, and is bringing a major fight to the city of Denver for the first time in 13 years. Provodnikov (22-2, 15 KO) is in the role of underdog, but he's been in that position before.

A slugfest is expected by most fans, who have seen these two guys compete in some absolute wars recently, including Alvarado's two battles with Brandon Rios and Provodnikov's thriller against Timothy Bradley.

We'll have continuing coverage of Alvarado-Provodnikov leading up to live coverage on Saturday night.